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More interiors inspiration, a sunlit winter haven. House Riihi in Finland designed by Oopeaa Architects. Photographed by Jussi Tiainen.

Adding lots of natural light to a small bedroom helps it feel bigger and less compact. Love the addition of the roof windows.

When a family grows, space suddenly shrinks! Here’s how Tania and Mike used VELUX roof windows to create a bright, welcoming extension, filled with daylight. A space everyone now wants to spend time in.

Brilliant rooflight and clerestory windows. Flood the space with light.

Flat skylight looks really modern without imposing on neighbours. Skylight on kitchen roof and possibly dining room roof would let more light in and increase head height.

Small rooflight in kitchen as an alternative to Velux windows

Why not pop a small rooflight in a kitchen extension as an alternative to Velux windows? It would add in lots of extra light.

What is the VELUX potential? It's when any project, big or small, is transformed with more natural daylight, more fresh air and more inspiration, when you choose VELUX roof windows. From extensions and lofts to hallways and bathrooms, find out how we can help you realise your home's full potential. Discover the VELUX potential in your home at

Whatever project you are planning VELUX roof windows can bring more daylight, fresh air and life to your space.

Use pitched roof skylights to turn a small bedroom into an airy space. A roof window with a white frame will make the light brighter. Design: Vermont Integrated Architecture; image via

Use skylights to turn the small bedroom into an airy space [Design: Vermont Integrated Architecture]

Transom - above the master bed. Love the extra light but doesn't need window treatments!

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