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Antique Tiara of the Fouche D'Otrante family (amethysts, diamonds). #AmethystTiara

Amethyst and Diamond Tiara belonging to the Fouché d'Otrante family - Worn by Countess Birgitta d’Otrante at the wedding of H. Princess Benedikte of Denmark to H. Prince Richard zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg in

Linneys' Pink Diamond Tiara, Designed by Asprey of London and set with 178 Rare Argyle Pink Diamonds totalling almost 20cts.

Linneys' Pink Diamond Tiara, Designed by Asprey of London; set with 178 rare Argyle pink diamonds totaling almost

The 5-minute full-body plank workout that requires almost no movement... but you'll feel it working! #plank #workout

Planks are a great way to build strength and hardness in the mid section. If you want a sexy flat stomach with rock hard abs you NEED to build up your plank and hit it from all angles so you also have

For the next two weeks , I will be doing this once a day plus eating healthier. Let's see the transformation .

No Excuse (Gymless) Workout *This just made me realize exactly how out of shape i am. no excuses. will be doing this every morning & before bed from now on. regardless of whether i go to the gym also or not* PHEW

Morning workout to boost metabolism for the day. Check out other tips to lose weight now.

Wake-up workout for beginners or anyone wanting a metabolism boost start for the day. Can be modified for any fitness level.