Reflection photos can be hard to capture because they require you to think about your perspective differently. Instead of shooting a beautiful scene head-on just as you see it, you may have to change your perspective drastically or even shoot upside-down to be able to capture a good reflected photo

These 25 Stunning Reflection Photos Will Turn Your World Upside Down


White Marie Antoinette-style hair and black paint in shape of mask

Scotch Tape Portraits Are Hilariously Amazing

Scotch Tape Portraits Are Hilariously Amazing

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around peoples faces giving them rather odd and funny features. Prints are available on his online shop via his website.

daniel ramos obregon

by Colombian designer daniel ramos obregón - a collection of hand crafted porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames that encompass the body, hand turned Colombian kingwood handles, and vegetable-tanned leather harnesses.

Ich ist ein Anderer- I is an other Graduation Collection Leonie Barth

karlenciaga: bienenkiste: Ich ist ein Anderer - Graduation Collection by Leonie Barth white fashion- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

Pixeled mask

nastyvogue: i-donline: In yr face! New designer on th block, Julien David gives us a lesson in boyish cool, white walls & hip hop