Most plays had a breakthrough in this period, in which the conventional theater became a theater with no boundaries, messy scenography and acts or scenes.

Video installation ~ 'Attempt to fill an empty space (Performance Anxiety)' by Andrew Newman 2008 After Boltanski?

Christian Boltanski

Boltanski espalha arte por Buenos Aires

Memoria y Archivo by Christian Boltanski (Photo: Courtesy National University of Tres de Febrero / Muntref)

Christian Boltanski. He will have a huge installation in Carriageworks in Sydney for the 19th Art Biennale 2014

Installation in Carriageworks in Sydney for the Art Biennale, Christian Boltanski, 2014

Christian Boltanski

Peters Cutting's – Christian Boltanski

Metal scaffolding with digital clock.

La Biennale di Venezia in 100 pictures // A Unique and Illuminating Experience