Swim- a single page comic about swimming in a Scottish Loch. By Lizzy Stewart: www.abouttoday.co.uk

Lizzy Stewart - Swim, a single page comic about swimming in a Scottish Loch

✖ Melissa Castrillon.

Lovely work from Melissa Castrillon for a new periodical for older children, LOAf. It looks like they have a wonderful mission for the magazine, as described in this video. through the night (by Melissa Castrillon)

✖ ‘Through the night’ is a two page mini graphic story  by Melissa Castrillon

‘Through the night’ Melissa Castrillo

aerial view

I was awe-struck by these aerial photographs of Botswana by New York-based artist Zack Seckler that resemble abstract colour field paintings.


Photographer Zach Seckler Snaps Rare and Beautiful Aerial Photographs of Botswana Wildlife


A knife in a reindeer antler sheath is Advent Calendar object no. From Lappland it is incised on one side with an image of a figure on a sled drawn by a reindeer with a second reindeer being lead.


A perfectly pastel world by Zack Seckler: Tswana_Herd