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Parenthood doesn’t come with a how-to guide! We're here to offer REAL life advice, amusement and inspiration to new parents through a community of over 60…
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While summer holidays are an excellent opportunity to spend time with the kids doing something a bit different, it’s easy to feel pressured into making sure they are constantly entertained. It can be challenging thinking up an activity to do every day For those of you trying to prepare your child for preschool or nursery in September, you may also want to find activities that promote those all-important social skills... to find out what you can do head over to the blogs >>>>
We all know how curious toddlers can be. And although we aren’t ready for them to pick up any sharp kitchen implements and help us to cook the dinner, what we can do is encourage them to help us with some baking! They can be chief spoon stirrers and chocolate chip positioners! They can help us to decorate the tops of freshly cooled cakes and decide what toppings will go on their cupcakes!... to read more on her recipes and hacks check out the blog >>>>
Vogue Williams has slammed a troll who said the star is feeding on the insecurities of new mums by packing an SMA starter milk kit in her hospital bag.  In the video she told fans: "This little milk starter pack because I used this with Theodore when I was breastfeeding because they don't get that much milk at the start so I wanted to make sure he was not hungry and these were great."... read more on the blog! >>>>


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When you have a child your world changes - I guess that goes without saying really. Something you may sometimes overlook is that if you have other children, their lives significantly change too. It’s not that you don’t think about it, it’s just that it’s hard sometimes when everything is so busy. In your head, you try to keep things as similar as you can for them, but in reality, life becomes very different... continue read over on the blog >>>>
There are certain things that grunt you gears in life. Everyone has their own little triggers, but when you’re a sleep-deprived parent, you can be slightly more susceptible to getting rubbed up the wrong way. A lot of the time, these things wouldn’t bother you in the slightest, but having a baby can amplify emotions and you really don’t need input in certain ways!... continue over on the blog >>>>
A parent's Facebook post went viral after they claimed that tickling could be construed as child abuse. Causing an unexpectedly huge reaction the parent had a conversation with a friend where they explained that if a child doesn't consent to tickling then adults should stop immediately... continue read over on the blog >>>>

For Dads, By Dads

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My son told his whole class that I'm a cow. That's 32 children, one class teacher, two teaching assistants and a student on work experience. He didn't get his words mixed up, make a mistake, and he wasn't telling a bad joke. In fact, he was incredibly proud to inform his entire year one class that I was, in fact, a cow, and I was nothing if not completely mortified when I found out... continue read over on the blog >>>>
You would think after potty training my first (a boy) that I would be all over this! But no, it felt like a whole new thing again This time will be my 2nd (a daughter) just the fact they were different sexes freaked me out.... continue read over on the blog >>>>
It is so hard, as a parent, not to compare your child to others of a similar age. Even though everybody tells you not to do it, it is difficult to avoid noticing if there seems to be a big difference in development between your child and others. I have a friend with a little boy who is only a few months older than Benjamin but his speech is incredibly advanced in comparison... continue read over on the blog >>>>

12m+ & Toddlers

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Ah maternity leave. A year “off”! You have loads of time on your hands. You’re off work. A whole year away from the day job. Woohoo! Yet on the flip side, you have a new baby, you’re hanging out your ass with tiredness and you have no money! ... read more over on the blog! >>>>
The mum, who is a member of the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK has found a product that's available on the high street and will set you back less than £4. .. find out where on the blog>>>>
One thing I know every brit has in common is a love for a good freebie. But when it comes to parenting it can sometimes seem like there aren’t many options out there. Yes ok I realise there’s not a great possibility that you’ll be able to get everything without spending a penny... find out how on the blog >>>>


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As a Mum of three, I can vouch for the fact that all three of my children are very different when it comes to art. They each enjoy expressing themselves through art but via different media. My son, for example, loves to build things. He likes to take a cardboard box and transform it into a spaceship, a car or whatever else his imagination can think of... want to read more? >>>>
We can’t send Dad out to get a nice haircut or go to his favourite restaurant while living through this global pandemic. So, this article will share some cool ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home, and it will feel just as special as previous years.... read more and find out to make the day special! >>>>
Find great ways to prank your family this April Fools Day! >>>>

Holidays & Travel

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First off I feel it’s a bit of a taboo subject, now I’ll be upfront and honest it’s probably the biggest, most expensive investment decision any parents are going to have to make when expecting. It’s this reason I don’t feel that there are that many guides, as it were, on choosing a travel system... check out more on the blog! >>>>
Purchasing things for young ones can be fun. You spend a lot of time researching the car seat which you are going to purchase for your children. However, when it comes to purchasing a family car people do not always do as much research. This can see them having to sell their car after not very long as a result of it not being suitable for them. Charlotte Zealy from Cups of Charlotte gives tips on how to choose a car to suit your family's needs >>


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To get you in the mood for the witching season, a mummy blogger is sharing a few tips on how to decorate your home. You don’t need to spend much at all! Click the link to read the tips on our blog. >>>

Home & Interiors

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My children have grown up with our dog J. They learnt companionship, responsibility and it encouraged them to get outside and exercise, not that they need much encouragement. When J passed away this year it taught them grief, and how to process grief... continue read to find out more >>>>
Getting a new family home is such an exciting time. Whether this is your first home together, or you’re thinking of moving to somewhere bigger, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. To help you work out exactly what you want, we’ve put together this list of top tips... continue read over on the blog >>>>
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews little girl was born at 9.30pm on Wednesday night, weighing 7lbs 8oz! Proud dad Spencer joked: "She's perfect, onto the next one."  The couple, who also share son Theodore, two – Vogue revealed that she and Spencer came to a decision "quite early on." about their daughter’s name... to find out what they decided on head over to the blog! >>>>

Family Life

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Hair & Beauty

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I would be lying if I said that the reason I started using cloth nappies was that I was worried about the environment, at first anyway. I had used them in the past, working in childcare, and had found them to be an utter ballache so I didn’t give them more than a passing thought when I was pregnant... Continue here >>>>


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Struggling to conceive is, to put it mildly, a real bummer for the sex life. It generates feelings of inadequacy on both sides, and the scars that remain can be long-lasting, well after your IVF babies are born – if you get that lucky, that is.  Sex goes from being one of those fun and naughty things you did out of instinct and choice to a scheduled series of awkward events at certain points in your cycle.... check out the blog for more!
I sat opened mouthed, staring at my friend of 10 years and wondering had I heard her correctly. I’d recently given birth to my second child, four months after my friend had given birth to her first... Want to know more head over to the site and read up on our latest Mommy Blog >>>>
Having sexy time can be very difficult when a child is added to the mix and keeping your relationship flirty can soon become non-existent. Have a read of our blog to give you tips on this touchy subject >>>>

Sex & Relationships

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Aged 27 I secured a Head of Faculty role at a private boarding school. I was on the career trajectory to Deputy Headteacher by 35. Apart from that, I didn’t want to be a Deputy or even a Headteacher. In teaching, however, if you wanted to prove your worth it seems progression meant moving on up the ladder into management. I also had no interest in becoming a mother... Continue our blog over at YourBabyClubUK >>>
Having new children is very time-consuming but you have to provide for them too. Read our mummy bloggers experience of going back to work after maternity leave and how she dealt with it.  >>>
It is important to acknowledge that your child starting daycare can be a difficult transition for the whole family. Especially if you have a child known to have the wobbles, or who experiences and displays symptoms of separation anxiety.  Let’s have a look at some tips to help your transition >>

Back to Work

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When I first became a mum back in 2013, I didn’t really have any “mum friends”. I didn’t know anyone with children. A couple of my friends had kids but they didn’t live locally. Maternity leave was a great opportunity for me to get out, meet other mums and make friends! I couldn’t wait to get to every baby group going! And so I did. I went to every fucking group. Stay and play, music with mummy, massage, sensory. You name it. I was there... check out the rest over on the blog!!! >>>>>
It's common for the two muscles that run down the middle of your stomach to separate during pregnancy. This is sometimes called diastasis recti, or divarication.  The amount of separation varies from one woman to another. It happens because your growing womb (uterus) pushes the muscles apart, making them longer and weaker.... read more on the blog >>>>
Emmerdale’s Charley Webb has shared her story of postnatal depression after giving birth to Buster, 10, Bowie, four and 10-month-old Ace Gene.  Charley shared a picture of her family together for the first time, just hours after Ace was born. She told her Instagram followers: “I can’t lie, I find being pregnant really hard but at the same time, I do know how lucky I am to be able to fall pregnant pretty easily / at all... read more on the blog >>>>

Postnatal Health & Wellbeing

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You are a woman, maybe a wife, sister, auntie, friend Yet sometimes when you have a family, your identity goes with it, being able to be a parent is a wonderful thing, however, it can become your whole universe and that is how you are seen... continue read over on the blog >>>>
“Don’t worry you’re a good mum, you’ve just got a bit of separation anxiety” Those were the words that came from my GP and everything made sense! I wasn’t a bad mum and I wasn’t going crazy... Continue reading over on the blog >>>>
When I was at university I worked part-time in the travel department at a very well-known but now-defunct high street shop for baby essentials. I received some really eye-opening training about car seats and car safety but my biggest takeaway was that just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it is the safest option, or even safe at all... continue read on the blog >>>>


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Cleft lip and palate are facial differences which occur when a baby's mouth does not form properly during pregnancy.  Despite more than 200,000 babies across the world being born with a cleft, many people are unfamiliar with the condition and the long-term impact that it can have on a child’s life.... read up and find out more on the impacts of cleft lips.
A baby girl who was born with coronavirus is the "strongest evidence yet" that the virus is transmitted in the womb, experts say.  The baby’s mum, from Texas, US, had been diagnosed with Covid-19 before her waters broke at 34 weeks and she gave birth prematurely. Her baby was taken to intensive care and initially appeared healthy, but the next day she had developed a fever and breathing difficulties... read more about the new discovery over on the blog! >>>>
Conservative MP, Guy Opperman, has written a moving tribute to his newborn twin sons who died last week in neonatal intensive care. Guy Opperman said his family were ‘shell shocked’ by the deaths of Teddy and Rafe last week and thanked the NHS for trying to save his children... to hear more about this heartbreaking story head to the blog >>>>

Baby Health & First Aid

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Cluster feeding is one of the lesser talked about parts of breastfeeding that I personally didn’t feel well enough prepared for. Cluster feeding is when your baby wants lots of long or short feeds with only short breaks in-between. It is perfectly normal, but it can really take its toll when you probably aren’t getting much sleep.... read more here >>>>
Pancake day has always been a firm favourite of mine since childhood because it was the only day of the year that we could legitimately eat dessert food for dinner. I know that savoury pancakes are a thing but as a little girl, I was not remotely interested in any pancake unless it was smothered in Nutella, Syrup or Lemon & sugar.... want to read more? Check out our blog >>>>
Christmas dinner is a great time for the whole family to sit together, and your baby should be a part of this. Learn from one our bloggers how your baby can enjoy Christmas food too. >>>

Weaning & Nutrition

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My Grandad used to grow potatoes and sweet peas and my Grandma was very well known for the roses she grew. I have many happy childhood memories spending time with my grandparents helping them in the garden and learning to grow a variety of things... Find tips and great hack on gardening with kids over on the blog >>>>
Check out our blog for great ideas for keeping the kids active for free during school holidays >>>>
Tips and tricks helping your little one to get in a potty routine >>>>

Playtime & Development

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Whilst the weather has been so incredibly hot you may have noticed your baby is waking more frequently at night. Just like us adults, when your little one overheats it can make them irritable and restless. Even kids that normally sleep through all night may be waking up uncomfortably hot. So here are my top tips to keep them as cool, comfortable, and as safe as possible.... continue read over on the blog >>>>
Having a newborn can be exhausting for you, especially when they won't settle down. Read our blog for the best tips to put your baby to sleep! >>>
How to master the art of sleeping! Techniques and training tips that will change the way you talk about your baby's sleep.

Safe Sleep

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When I had my daughter I chose very early on in my pregnancy that I would bottle feed. I felt this huge pressure to breastfeed that I was stressing about it before I had even given birth. Continue reading our blog to find whether breast or bottle feeding is better for you. >>>
Whether you’re thinking of transitioning to bottle completely, or just want it to supplement your own milk, introducing or altering your baby’s method of feeding can be difficult and somewhat stressful. Finding out what’s right for you and your baby can take a few attempts, but with these five tips, you’ll soon be able to master the transition.

Bottle Feeding

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Hello gorgeous new mum, mum to be, glowing Goddess and grower of tiny humans… it’s finally happened, hasn’t it?? The day has indeed arrived where you are forced to think of doing something else with your boobies other than ‘tit taping’ them to your dress, hoisting them a few inches higher or using them to convince your husband that you absolutely, definitely do need that new pair of heels ( which you won't be wearing by the way, but more on that later!)... continue read over on the blog >>>>
Breast is best, and it sure is! You get to bond with your baby, get extra cuddles and even burn more calories and get your pre-baby body back more quickly! But breastfeeding can also be very isolating especially if you can’t express or find it difficult to get your baby to take milk from a breast and a bottle… this was us... continue read over at the blog >>>>
Breastfeeding my son has been one of the most rewarding yet hardest things I have ever done in my life. It was a choice I made while I was pregnant and I wanted to persevere and give it my absolute best, with the aim of feeding him for at least six months if it was possible... Check this out over on the blog >>>>


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When I found out I was pregnant not once did I ever think I would end up giving birth during a worldwide pandemic! Life felt uncertain and with having a high-risk pregnancy COVID 19 tipped my anxiety over the edge. The week before Scotland went into lockdown, we pulled our daughter from nursery and we began isolating, my hubby was classed as a keyworker so continued to work but took every precaution to make sure we stayed safe.... Continue read on the blog>>>>
Bernie Ecclestone has become a father for the fourth time 89. His third wife Fabiana Flosi, 44, gave birth to a baby boy named Ace. Bernie said: "We have a son named Ace. I am so proud." Fabiana, who gave birth in Switzerland, added: "It was all so easy. The birth was over after 25 minutes. I thank god."... Continue read on the blog >>>>
If there was a single secret to getting your baby sleeping all night, every parent would be getting 8 hours of uninterrupted ZZZ’s each night! There are so many factors that affect how well your child sleeps, and as a Paediatric Sleep consultant at Snooze Tots it is my job when working with clients, to make sure all these factors are considered.... click the link to see what tips she has in store! >>>>


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Today I am going to be sharing with you some things which we really want to purchase for the new baby. We are very lucky because we still have many of the bigger items like the cot and the pram still from Jess. This does mean that we have more money to spend on some of the other items which we are going to need to purchase.... continue read over on the blog >>>>
Great news! You can now save money and get SUPER POPULAR Aldi Mamia Nappies Bundles delivered straight to your door every month (from just £4.49). The exclusive Mamia Nappy Bundle Superbuy offer is available on Thursday 13th of August however, you can pre-order over on the blog >>>>
Today I am going to be sharing with you things which your baby needs in the first 6 months. People think that babies actually need loads in the first 6 months this could not be further from the truth. It is every very tempting when you are pregnant to buy everything under the sun... to find out about her tips and advice on what you need for your baby's first six months! >>>>

Baby Essentials & Wish Lists

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What to name your children can be a difficult decision. There are a lot of factors to be taken into account. Do we go with a family name, an unusual name, something traditional or something trendy?  Imagine naming your child after a global pandemic? Which is what these people did... Click the link to find out more!
Choosing a name for your baby is a minefield…do you go old-fashioned, new-fangled or a mix of both? Do you honour a family member or channel a favourite celebrity? Are you thinking gender-neutral or one that can’t be shortened?.... Continue read on our blog to find out more! >>>>
One constant issue faced by parents when they have a child is the simple question of “what on earth do we call them?”. Name trends are something which changes from year to year with only a minimal amount of constants... our blog gives you the top names for this upcoming year !!

Baby Names

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Hospitals have been ordered to allow partners and visitors onto maternity wards so pregnant women are not forced to give birth on their own. NHS England and NHS Improvement have written to all of the directors of nursing and heads of midwifery to ask them to urgently change the rules around visiting.... check out the blog to find out more >>>>
I gave birth to my first son almost eight years ago now. Overall, I'd describe him as a good baby. He breastfed well from the start, and it was easy to establish a routine with him. Around the same time, friends of mine also had babies, and they seemed to have it the same if not a little bit easier... check more on the blog! >>>>
A drop in air pollution, reduced exposure to infections and lower levels of work-related stress have been suggested as the reasons for an “unprecedented” fall in the number of babies being born prematurely during lockdown, two separate studies have shown.... to find out more on this new research head over to the blog on site! >>>>


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