Barbara Kruger- Feminist art:

The Future Belongs to Those Who Can See It – Barbara Kruger - World of the Woman

Barbara Kruger

"Untitled / Pro-life for the unborn, Pro-death for the born," Barbara Kruger, 2004

Barbara Kruger - Feminist Artist - The Art History Archive

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thinking of someone and hurting like your getting pricked by a needle dark color to express pain

quite a dark and creepy photo however it looks very effective, colours in the photo represent pain and he text is written on a red background so stands out on the black and white photo.

media art @ the heart: Barbara Kruger Inspired Photography

thelunatic-thelover-andthepoet: Barbara Kruger, Untitled (You are a prisoner to your ghosts).

Magazine - Barbara Kruger @ Kunsthaus Bregenz

Barbara Kruger @ Kunsthaus Bregenz

Barbara Kruger :: Untitled [Are we having fun yet] Stephen Deutch :: Masque, ca.

Barbara Kruger : You Are NOT YOURSELF ('83/84) - FRAGMENTED, BROKEN MIRROR, TENSION, NEGATION OF IDENTITY: Cultural Theory of schizophrenic subject (POSTMODERN) and dissolution of self

This is called Untitled (You are not yourself), by Barbara Kruger, This is another edited image by here with a very direct message addressing feminism.