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If you need to design any kinds of brochure or flyer then you can check out this. It can be helpful for you:

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다양한 레이아웃의 조화들이 눈에 띄고 컬러의 통일성이 각각의 다른  스타일을  하나로 나타내어 주는 것 같다.


Too thick of a font but I like the overlay of blush colors with a magazine editorial feel and the layers it has!

neo-constructivist:  (via AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2012 - Inter 1 - Vere van Gool)

Home is where the harvester is! Vere van Gool –––––– AA School of Architecture Vere van Gool Intermediate Unit 1 Professors : Mark Campbell - Stewart Do.

Armature and Extracted Facades

Armature and Extracted Facades [ "Armature and Extracted Facades [ \"Nice diagram for architecture or active façades analysis.\", \"ANA_Armature and Extracte