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cool CCTV Newmillerdam - Camera Installations Newmillerdam

cool CCTV Newmillerdam - Camera Installations Newmillerdam

UK DNA database to be trimmed after EC ruling | The DNA of innocent people is to be deleted from the UK DNA database, after a court ruling by the European Court of Human Rights deemed the archive of information to be illegal earlier this year. Buying advice from the leading technology site

The UK is the world leader in surveillance technologies such as CCTV and DNA profiling, with the House of Lords issuing warnings this week over the 'Orwellian' developments that are turning Britain into a 'Big Brother' Surveillance State.

Build your own Banksy product   CCTV mobile.   You will need; wood, string, plastic tube, nails, lead paint

Banksy apparently has a pretty funny website now (especially his FAQ page), and one of the things on it is a build-your-own Banksy product section. This month’s is a CCTV mobile — not a…

David Dunnico, "cctv eye [58°28’52”N 2°14’89”W]", 2008

Council owned camera and advertising hoarding for the mobile phone network Lever Street, Manchester.

CCTV Camera manufacturer . High-tech enterprise specializing in RD…

Exaggerating the surveillance level or not? Sure they may not be so many cameras around but they're not the only mode of surveillance are they? Could use photography and photoshop to make the the surveillance over bearing.

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Modern co-housing space in Berlin implemented by Zanderroth Architekten