508 Pins
two hands with white nail polish on them
Twenty Fingers
'Twenty Fingers' - Credit: Fernando Delgado. °
a woman's legs with high heels flying through the air
ManoloBlahnik - Photographed by Marcelo Kracilsic. °
a black and white photo of someone's shadow in the water with their hand up
Inner Optics
Photomanipulation by Talonabraxas. °
an old man writing on top of a book with his hands resting on the page
un regard oblique
Wolfgang Suschitzky - H.G. Wells, His Hands, London, 1939. °
an old photo of two hands holding something with wires attached to the wrist and another person's hand
Das Kunstmagazin - [ART MAGAZIN]
Tina Modotti - "Hands of the Puppeteer", 1929. °
a black and white photo of a person's feet with one foot in the air
1961-2013 Infanta
Ralph Gibson - From the series: Infanta, 1961 - 2013. °