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Zandra Holmgren
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Make A Retro UpDo | hairstyles tutorial

A Retro-Updo This old-school style is so chic, plus the step-by-step tutorial means anyone can pull it off. It'd be perfect for a lazy Sunday when you're running errands but still want to look pulled together. King we need some bobby pins like this.

So cute and SO easy! I literally wore my hair like this at least 4 days a week when I was 10-12 years old

Topsy Tail 3 ponytails down the center of your head Take the first ponytail and create a hole above the rubber band, and pull the tail through. Repeat for each ponytail and you have a beautiful, simple hairstyle!

DIY Gold Foil Lettering on pots #gold #craft #diy

DIY Gold Foil Lettering on Flower Pots. Have fun and create your favorite phrases on flower pots. DIY gold foil lettering and glitter makes for a unique gift or home decor item.