you are not in the news by Sergio Albiac

You are not in the news, by Sergio Albiac Generative collage portrait series. Made with processing

50 Literary Art Designs - From Crystal-Covered Literature to Cutout Character Novels (TOPLIST)

50 Literary Art Designs

Brilliant Book Collages The Parallèle Exhibition by Erwan Soyer Features Alluring Artwork - clever!

John Stezaker

I went to see John Stezaker's exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery on Friday and here's my post on it! Stezaker is a British artist who pri.


The art of Diego Max highlights the strong relationship between two aspects, art and anatomy. From his early years, Diego Max was enchanted by retro .

Retro-futuristic, Moon, Space

My name is Hugo Barros. All Collages are handmade don’t use any computer manipulation. Commissions/Creative direction or Originals: .

William Steiger — Fresh Rag

Water Towers, New York City by William Steiger “The rooftop water tank (required on all city buildings over six stories) has become synonymous with New York City,” says acclaimed artist William Steiger. “Each time I see these towering structures I.

Value Restored - Mitchel Cumming

Value Restored, restoring intended value through an application of intended use.