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Animals/fish/insects/birds etc.

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Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist with a photographic memory, is drawing new york city after seeing it once from a helicopter. amazing!
city apartment - Art - painting technique ideas. Beautiful! --I would love to have this
I now want really wide stairs so I can put doll/faerie houses on every step like this <3 ... link doesn't indicate who original artist is tho, please comment if you know x


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Automotive Art Originals
General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard
Go skiing! Fiat 500


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Film & Music

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Fruit / food

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The Journal Diaries - JOSE'S MOLESKINE
Teacher's Pet – Ideas Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | Simple Line Art

Lettering and ink

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"Spoons" Oil on Canvas 30x34" by Leigh-Anne Eagerton. Adore the colors in this one!
Manga Drawing Patterns -


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Nature: flowers plants landscapes etc.

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High Life
Illustration art Love how the connection between image and sound has been reproduced.
Awesome :)

People (portraits, figure, clothing etc.)

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beautiful wobbly basket like ceramic sculpture
Heather Levine Lamp


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Image of Libellule déprimée - Dragonfly
Orange Summer by theory and ink. A bright and cheerful pattern of tossed mandarin oranges. This design looks great when paired with a textural touch, such as a burlap ribbon! Available in fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap.
A beautiful collection of 25 Japanese Seamless Vector Patterns. They are all hand drawn patterns, inspired by the philosophy of Wabi - Sabi design embracing the beauty of an imperfect or asymmetrical design. I loved learning about the Japanese patterns used to express ideals, concepts or even life beliefs and most of all I enjoyed working on this unique set of patterns!

Wallpaper / patterns

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3D ART STREET ART MATERIAL ART FINE ART AND ALL: water drop art using only pencil drawing
Siren Song; sold, Lia Melia


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an orange tree with lots of ripe oranges growing on it's branches and leaves
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a painting of oranges and flowers with leaves
Carolyn Lord - contrast of colors
a blue and yellow siamese fish in an aquarium
Fish Corn (@FishingCorn) / Twitter
two goldfish swimming in an aquarium with the words fish fried fresh on it's side
Veil Tail Fish Goldfish - Free photo on Pixabay
a goldfish swimming in the water with its tail curled up to look like it is looking
New Pet Fish Talk Show.
a painting of many fish swimming in the water
Koi Pond by Emily Ryan | Redbubble
a painting of a white and black cat laying down on the ground with grass in front of it
Cat Nap
a painting of a white cat wearing a black hat and scarf with oranges on it
— on Twitter
a large black bird flying through the sky
Ravens - Paul Lantz