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by Richard Johnson...
Richard Johnson, ...olieverf -repinned by #art #artists #oilpainting

Richard s. Johnson

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Ballerina Buns
quite an old painting, but i like it
Maria Khoreva | Photography by Ira Yakovleva


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Bones of the torso from Anatomy improv'd and illustrated | Flickr
Rear view of the bones of the torso. Anatomy improv'd and illustrated with regard to the uses thereof in designing. (London: John Senex, 1723). #spine #bones #bone #ribs #scapula #skeleton #medical #medicine #anatomy #illustration #drawing #vintage


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Zoila Conan, 1928. Photo by William Mortensen

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This artist's series on eating & body shaming is beautiful in a sad way.
The Blood Oracle (by Jvdas Berra) [underwater photography] [red dress]


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an old photo of a naked woman laying on a bed with her arm in the air
Zoila Conan
Zoila Conan, 1928. Photo by William Mortensen
a painting of a naked woman sitting on a bed
Peinture - Jean-Claude Götting - Art - page 2
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a tree
Rebecca Guay’s Dreamlike Paintings Explore Sensuality - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a painting of a man with his eyes closed and hands folded over his chest, in front of flowers
an image of a painting with people in it
a painting of two people touching each other's foreheads with their faces close together
a drawing of a woman sitting in the water
Ars, Arte et Labore
a painting of a woman laying on a couch
a woman with long red hair and roses on her chest is surrounded by black background
Honest Myth:Celtic- Sulis
I have been trying to keep the posts diverse, and not do too much of the same cultures (like I seemed to have been doing in the latest months). So here is a little information on an interesting god…
a painting of a woman sitting on a couch next to a cat
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Artistin - Marcella at Frankfurt Städel
an oil painting of a woman with no shirt on, looking off to the side
YANN HOVADIK's fine art