This combination of maps and stitching is really interesting

Beautiful: Untitled sketchbook page by Nina Morgan Swansea, West Glamorgan, United Kingdom

Nina Morgan - sketchbook project

tear a piece of a map, highlight with main roads, color with "tea" color, and maybe use the rest of the space for journaling (by Nina Morgan)

Screw/fold-up an image into an interesting 3D form and then draw/paint the new image to create an interesting composition

nina falk RUPERT SHRIVE - Why is this an unusual approach to portraiture?

Untitled by Nina Morgan - Art House Sketchbook Project | My Sketchbook was based on nostalgia & memories that are deeply personal & poignant.It`s a visual diary #stitching #mixed_media #artists_book

altered book page - nina morgan

Lisa Kokin

Textile Portraits, How to Stitch Art, Artist Study with thanks to Lisa Kokin…

Digital library of sketchbooks--a goldmine! If you get the message it might be spam, it's not.

x x x ~ 'Nina Morgan'

being the news. Ines Seidel.

being the news. Ines Seidel.