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This is a collection of vintage circus posters from around the world.
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Al G. Barnes Wild Animal Circus poster with tiger and elephant, dated 1960. Unframed. Age toning, corner loss, adhesive residue on edges, fold along center, 13.5" L x 19" H. Circus Circus, Dark Circus, Elephant Poster, Tiger Poster, Carnivals, Vintage Circus Posters, Carnival Posters, Vintage Circus Performers, Cirque Vintage
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Al G. Barnes Circus Poster, 1960

The Adam Forepaugh-Sells Brothers Circus Old Circus, Circus Art, Circus Theme, Cirque Vintage, Vintage Carnival, Advertising Poster, Vintage Posters, Images Vintage, Vintage Graphic

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The Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers America's greatest shows consolidated--A troupe of pearl divers from Hawaii, Sandwich Islands . A veritable circus of the sea

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Poster Or Painting Request =) *Vintage Circus/Carnival/Magic Show Style*