Feminism, self appreciation & strength

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I chuckle a little, but come on, really-- is being treated like a person rather than a thing too much to ask for? -Puja

'Feminism is the Radical Notion' Tank Top

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Let's talk about that dirty F-word that people like to avoid: "feminism". There's nothing wrong with being a feminist! Feminism is founde

consumerism, the cosmetic and diet industries

They call us ugly to sell us shit - Consumerism, the cosmetic and diet industries.

You're a feminist

11 Caitlin Moran Quotes To Live By

If you have a vagina and you think you should be in charge of it . you're a feminist. 11 Caitlin Moran Quotes To Live By.

Feminism / P.: I don't agree with this. Just pinning cause I know the intentions are "good" but to use uterus as feminist empowerment is a transphobic idea. Womens without uterus may feel this as a trigger.

Here's why I think female body hair is beautiful - Lulastic and the Hippyshake

Hairy armpits and legs are beautiful - because it symbolises radical self love.

strong minded writer &  motherhood

Joan Didion and her daughter Quintana Roo by Julian Wasser, 1972