tea & flowers!

This is a lovely idea. I love tea pots, but obviously have no reason to have tons of them. But for plants, woo! I can buy all the secondhand teapots and put plants in them :D


"Glass Teapot with Screen Spout for Blooming Tea." - I am smitten with the idea of blooming tea, must try it at Black Dog Cafe when I get back to Florida.


"Five O’Clock Tea" by renowned Victorian cat photographer Harry Pointer, c. 1870 (via Retronaut)


11 Reasons to Drink Green Tea. Dunno if these are true, but then, I don't need any convincing. I've been drinking green tea for about a year now, since about the time I read Dracula ("Reduces high blood pressure" ha!


Choosing a Theme: Fun Tea Party Ideas. Tea Party Ideas for Locations. Tea Party Ideas for Decor. Tea Party Ideas for Food.

@Caroline Meyers more #tea #posters! #etsy $20

my gramma collected tea pots. maybe the tea pot with hearts coming out of it for a tattoo?

tea canisters, tea pot, tea accessories

Antique tea canisters, tea pot, tea accessories via Virginia Rice