DIY Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder from Cup and Plate! I added an extra plate below the bowl.My birds love it. Some "rest" on the bottom plate while others eat from the bowl. What a great idea. And under 8 bucks.

Blue Tit On Cotoneaster Berries - Mark Hancox Bird Photography

DIY Bird Feeders

Break out the glue for a fun and funky DIY bird seed feeder craft the kids will love getting their hands dirty for.

British Birds - Garden Birds 01 - Most Common

Blue Tit, British Birds - Garden Birds 01 - Most Common

garden bird

Little bird - Wistfully Country

Birds, birds, birds and how to attract them.

Bird Gardens - Wildlife Gardening and Conservation Tips for Birds - The Daily Green - Hummingbird Gardens

Invest in Beauty: Attract Hummingbirds With Native Plants

Over 200 species of birds call the Barataria Preserve home or use it as a stopover on migrations. Ruby-throated hummingbirds nest in the preserve; watch for them zipping through the air in search of blooming plants.

Rebecca's Bird Gardens

The Blue Sky Bistro! I up-cycle a blue Skyy Vodka bottle to make these feeders - so availability depends on i.