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the front and back cover of a book with numbers on it, including an e
Clarendon in Clarendon.
A work I did awhile back ago on the Clarendon Typeface, check it out, it's on my @Behance portfolio: "Clarendon in Clarendon."
the cover of thirteen forty fives heavy by robert blancy, featuring blue and red numbers
S Gill Design
Clarendon used in a typographic poster
a poster with the words slab serif in red, white and black on it
Type Specimen Broadsheet
i like the color balance int his poster and the weird kind of organic shape the giant lowercase g gives off.
the front page of a newspaper with an article in english
Discover | Adobe Creative Cloud
An example of the typefaces Clarendon and Rockwell used in the same layout
an advertisement with different font and numbers on the front, in red, blue, black and white
Clarendon Posters
Clarendon Posters by Elizabeth Gregory, via Behance
an old poster with some type of font and numbers on it's back side
Clarendon - Promotional Font Poster
an old fashioned typeface with the name claremontn in red and black on it
Slab Serif Fonts: Most Popular Typefaces, Best for Webfonts - Designmodo
Slab Serif Fonts: Most Popular Typefaces, Best for Webfonts
the words fort plastic on a yellow background
100besttypefaces of all times - FontShop AG
87. Clarendon, Benjamin Fox (1845) — The first typeface to receive copyright protection. #typography #fonts
some type of font that is in different colors and sizes on a dark blue background
Clarendon Pro (75% discount, family 199€) ~ FontsDiscounts
Clarendon Pro (50% discount, from 24,38€) -
two signs with different types of coffee on them, one for costa and the other for costano
Costa Coffee
an open book with black and white type on it
The Clarendon typeface was originally designed to be used as a heavy face to highlight words in blocks of roman copy.
a person holding up a book with the word clarendon printed on it
font specimen book - Google Search
an advertisement for the secret garden tour with flowers and numbers in green, pink, and black
Classic Typefaces for Contemporary Graphic Design: Clarendon | #graphicdesign #type
an image of some type of font and numbers
Typographic poster design
A typographic poster I created for a recent blog I wrote on the history of the Clarendon typeface.
an orange and black poster with the word art written in different font styles on it
Clarendon Type Poster
Clarendon Type Poster by Maria Aguila, via Behance