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Brazilian Treehopper, or Bocydium globulare - a real living insect, which only pretends to be an alien helicopter: by agnes

Brazilian Treehopper - a real living insect, which only pretends to be an alien helicopter. Its other name is "The Bell Bearer"; part of its Latin moniker stands for these utterly bizarre spheroids on the top (they are not antennae!

Ushi-oni (牛鬼) from Hyakkai-Zukan, c. 1737 by Sawaki Suushi. There are various kinds of Ushi-Oni (Ox Demon or gyūki), all of them some sort of monster with a horned, bovine head.

Here's a weird gallery of Japanese folk art creatures that were painted during the Edo period. “cow devil”) is a malevolent sea monster with the head of a bull and the body of a giant spider or crab.

The beautiful, mysterious creatures of the Sea..  Melbourne Beach, FL

Satellite Beach, Satellite Beach, Florida - Jelly's Miles and Miles of quiet beaches away from the crowds Wow - I'd forgotten about the Man-O-Wars! They used to get all over the beach at time each year.

Worship of the Elder Gods

Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon.

Japanese illustrator Tatsuya Nottsuo blends the Cthulhu Mythos with Japanese kaiju imagery

Nyarlathotep: Cthulhu Mythos deity, also known as the Crawling Chaos. He has thousands of forms names, and each avatar is different depending on his location.