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three different colors of paint on a white surface with one brown and one gray color
Decorating with Color: 9 Designer Color Palettes
some different shades of paint that are in the same color scheme for each one, including gray
Best Living Room Colors - House Color Schemes & Home Painting Wall Colors
three different shades of pink and white paint on a gray surface with cherry blossoms in the background
The Best Pink Paint Colors, from Mauve to Coral
an advertisement for blush pinks is shown here
three blue paint pans with flowers in them
Hyacinth Tones
three empty plates sitting on top of a rock next to some rocks and ice crystals
four different shades of paint sitting on top of a white cloth next to some branches
Basement Office Renovations: Part ONE! - Blonde & Ambitious Blog | Color palette living room, Pa
an article in a magazine about paint colors and how to use them for decorating
color schemes
a blue and white color scheme with some flowers in it's center is shown
Check out these colors I just snapped!
the color scheme is blue and gray, with mountains in the backgrouund
Winter mood board
Find color palette ideas on fabmood. Today's Winter mood board inspired by winter landscape in shades of Blue and grey winter color scheme,winter color ideas,snow,winter landscape color scheme, winter color ideas,color schemes,