David Hockney painting "The Road to Thwing, Late Spring", May 2006

David Hockney: modern master of colour

David Hockney painting The Road to Thwing, Late Spring. © David Hockney/Photograph by Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima/Thames & Hudson

David Hockney, Yorkshire landscape

David Hockney's horror after trees he was half-way through painting are 'massacred'

David Hockney Bigger Trees nearer Warter, Winter 2008 2008 oil on nine canvases, each 36 x 48 in. © 2009 David Hockney Photo by Richard Schmidt

David Hockney polaroid mosaic

David Hockney polaroid mosaic Something like this would be cool to try out. - Tried it out and it is a lot harder than it looks. and maybe too complex for the subject I am shooting.