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Dave Webb

Dave Webb
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JOHN WILCOCK: (LSD History) Michael Hollingshead Turns on the World - Boing Boing

A package sent in 1960 from Albert Hoffmann of Sandoz Labs, containing one gram of powdered LSD, goes on to provide the first acid experiences for many in New York. A comic by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall.

The relics and artifacts uncovered throughout the centuries have provided an immense knowledge base about how our ancient ancestors lived, what they believed in, and what skills they had. Occasionally

Berlin Gold Hat - BC - One of four Bronze age golden hats. It stands at 75 cm tall, with the same banded pattern as the others.

When someone connects with natural materials and the laws of nature, and brings to them experience and creativity, the result, in Thea's case, is a collection of flowing sculptures. This is Thea Alvin an artist, sculptor and dry stone mason based in Morrisville, Vermont, USA. See her work here www.naturalhomes.org/theaandstones.htm

Thea Alvin is a stone mason who creates extraordinary flowing sculptures with arches and proportions that sit perfectly in the spaces they occupy.