I can remember feeling so lost, looking at the photos on my camera roll,  and then looking at the outfit photos on fashion blogs. “What are they  doing so differently?” Or going from my Instagram to somebody else’s  perfect flat-lay and thinking “why don’t my photos look like that?”  You know your photography is important—so you can stop wasting time  searching for the same stock photos everyone else is already using, and so  you can start leveraging the visual nature of social media to…

How-to look good in photos for your brand and website

I use social media for food based information. So, learning how to take better photos of my food is really important to me. These are a couple of things that I can do right now to improve the look of my photos.

10 Everyday items you can use as photo props. | Blogging tips, photography ideas, styled photography advice.

10 Everyday Items to Use As Blog Photography Props

Whether you have a Canon, Nikon, or iPhone, learn how to take gorgeous photos for your blog and social media. These photography tips and ideas are perfect for beginners and for bloggers who want to take their photography to the next level! Click through to read the post now and make sure you save this pin for your friends to read too!

My 7 Best Photography Tips for Beginners

Are you new to photography and want to take amazing photos? Whether you use an iPhone or DSLR camera, these photography tips for beginners are for you!

12 Props That Will Improve Your Blog Photos! << Love Style Mindfullness

12 Props That Will Improve Your Blog Photography

How to Get Brighter, Better Photos in Photoshop (in 60 Seconds!!)

How to Brighten Photos in Photoshop (in 60 Seconds!)

Want brighter photos? This tutorial is so easy, even a Photoshop beginner will love it! We& teaching you how to brighten photos and make them POP.

What Lens Is Best For Blogging Starting a blog? Not sure what lens to buy? Want blurry background photos? Looking to upgrade your camera but not sure where to start? Take the stress out of starting a new blog and buy the right lens first! Everything you need to know about getting those blurry background photos for your fashion, beauty or lifestyle blog.  www.kristinawilde.com

Learn Some Basic Photography Tips From The Pros. Photography is becoming more common as cameras are getting cheaper and smarter. With photography, you do need to ga

A Beginners Guide To Blog Photography & Styling - what you need to get started by CGScreative

A beginners guide to Blog Photography & Styling - What you need to get started

Photography Is Easy To Learn About; Photography might appear very complicated and involved, but if you know what you are doing, it can be a very exciting recreational activi



Blusher is the makeup product that allows you to recreate a healthy, natural glow all-year round, and is the perfect finishing touch to any well made up face.

17 Places To Find Free and Pretty Styled Stock Photos. Click the PIN to get 'em now.

16 Places To Find Free Styled Stock Photos That Do Not Suck

Looking for pretty free styled stock photos? Here are the most awesome places to find pretty ones!

Want to create some unique blog props? Here are 4 super easy projects you will want to try out!

4 Cheap & Easy DIY Blog Props

A step by step tutorial on How to Take and Edit Better iPhone Images with Pic Tap Go on Megan Martin Creative - meganmartin.net/prettyphonepics

How to Take Better iPhone Images and Edit with Pic Tap Go

How to Take and Edit Better iPhone Images with Pic Tap Go on Megan Martin Creative