Cornwall, England

Sea Coast Scotland, need we say more.great Uncle owned an Inn along the Sea coast and raised grandmother there.

Cornwall, England

Ross Brown - Sea Pink Trevone Bay, Cornwall, UK While on a family walk, I discovered this stunning carpet of thrift close to the South-West coastal path near Trevone Bay

Cornwall, England, UK.

Sunset over *Land's End, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom* Photo by ~Jarrod Castaing~ October 6 2011

Cornwall, England

"Up the Creek," Point, Cornwall, England. Photo: Capt' Gorgeous, used to live just down the road from that pink 'delta cottage' it's called ♥

The engine house Wheal Coats tin mine, North Cornwall, England

The engine house Wheal Coates North Cornwall, UK. Old Cornish tin mine engine house. Many of the mines used to tunnel out under the seabed putting the miners in very dangerous conditions.


Oh there is a photo saved on my Cornwall I love board with a courtyard with bright blue doors. Hard for me to imagine where it is located but wherever this photo is taken the courtyard is right behind it!

St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall, England #budgettravel #travel #england #london #britain #uk

St Michaels Mount is a tidal island 366 metres off the Mounts Bay coast of Cornwall, England. so when the tide is in it's an island when it's out its like a peninsula

Porthleven, Cornwall, England, UK

Such a pretty roof - Porthleven, Cornwall with the old lifeboat house in the foreground