Wall of tiny Abstract Watercolors Studio Photo by Paul Clancy house by Alyn Carlson great idea that board is fabulous!

Shoreline 3, Textile Art,  Julie Shackson

Textiles - Julie Shackson Artist -Shoreline 3 - Acrylic on Canvas, Mulberry Silk Bark, Free-motion Embroidery.

Debbie Lyddon

‘Meet the artist’

On Saturday 26 May we are having a 'meet the artist' session at the Hastings Arts Forum as part of the Artists' exhibition - Mary, Wendy and I will be there to chat about our work and encourage .

Debbie Lyddon

Small Marshscape - Pale Blue Rectangle: cloth, stitch, wax -by Debbie Lyddon

manon gignoux

Love the embellishment around the collar - Manon Gignoux.