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Make a weighted sensory snake to give comfort to a child including those with Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Gina from Little DeMoura Designs show you how in a step by step tutorial. #nationalcraftmonth #attheheartofyourproject

Weighted items give comfort to many children including those with Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Even typical children enjoy the cuddle of a weighted item. Here’s how you can make a simple weighted sensory snake.

Great list of the Best Toys for the Vestibular System. Awesome for parents would would like to buy "therapy tools" for home!

These tools help children receive vestibular input. The vestibular system gives sensory information in regards to movement, equilibrium, and spatial relations.

Sensory Processing Explained |  Visual System (Parent to Parent, Teacher to Teacher) Free Printable to make it easy to understand! #spd #sensory

Visual Input Cheat Sheet: A list of behaviors you might see when someone is avoiding or seeking this type of input.

Sensory Processing Disorder| Auditory System Cheat Sheet {Free Printable} Makes it easy to understand! #spd #sensory

Auditory System Cheat Sheet: the cheat sheet is at the bottom. The articles in this series are a bit long but on point. The cheat sheets are great go to guides!

Sensory Processing Explained | Oral Input AWESOME RESOURCE! PIN for REFERENCE #sensoryprocessing #spd

One educator turned stay at home mom attempts to explain Sensory Processing : Oral Input and its importance for growth and development in kids.

Vestibular System Exercises for Kids | If you’re looking for fun and easy sensory integration activities for autism, we’ve got you covered. We have 16 occupational therapy approved ideas to help improve your little one’s motor skills both at home and in the classroom. Perfect for kids of any age, these core strengthening activities offer a fun way to help develop your child’s vestibular system!

Looking for sensory integration activities for autism to develop your child's motor skills? Check out our collection of fun vestibular system exercises!