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The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean - The Christian Science Monitor - Unterwasser Fotografien - Beautiful Sea Creatures, Deep Sea Creatures, Weird Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Weird Fish, Image Nature, Water Animals

The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean - The Christian Science Monitor

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During pregnancy, some of the baby's cells slip through the placental wall into the mother's blood. Then, when the baby is born, most of those cells disappear. But here's the surprise: some of those fetal cells stay. And stay. Human Embryo, Choose Life, Baby Development, Prenatal Development, Personal Development, Baby Born, Pro Life, Getting Pregnant, Human Body

Fetal Attraction

Cells from fetal boys and girls have been found in mothers four to five decades following their last pregnancy. And researchers think they must be doing something. But what?

Embryo Adoption: A Unique Option to Give a Child Life - Keeper of the Home Open Adoption, Foster Care Adoption, Biological Parents, Adoption Agencies, Adoption Stories, Birth Mother, Adoption Process, Surrogacy, Adopting A Child

Embryo Adoption: A Unique Option to Give a Child Life | Keeper of the Home

Guest Post Written by Erin Odom Although Tiffany and Micah Childs have two biological children, the couple has always felt led to adopt. But the costs and steps necessary to go through an adoption agency were overwhelming. “Lord, if this is for us, you need to make this simple,” Tiffany prayed. And God answered in …

Baby ovulation calendar how to calculate your ovulation date,pregnancy chart infertility at ivf funding. Body Systems, Midwifery, Menstrual Cycle, Nicu, Getting Pregnant, Acupuncture, Pregnancy Countdown, Healthy Foods, Nursing

Blastocyst Transfer

The blastocyst phase of a developing embryo takes place at day 5-6 after fertilization. At this phase, the embryo has 70-100 cells and is much more complex than its previous forms. Traditionally in in vitro fertilization, the embryo is transferred to the uterus on day 2-3 after fertilization. One reason for this is the inability, until recently, to create a culture environment that could house the embryo and facilitate its growth during the next 3 days to reach the blastocyst phase. Medical…

A blastocyst stage embryo. The stage of embryo development before implantation. Artificial Insemination, Human Embryo, Ivf Clinic, Egg Donation, Ivf Treatment, Pregnant Diet, Fertility, How To Look Better, Stage

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A blastocyst stage embryo. The stage of embryo development before implantation.

A fear which is wide-spread among IVF patients is – will my embryo fall out if I stand up or walk around after the embryo transfer ? Child Support Quotes, Child Support Laws, Child Support Payments, Frozen Embryo Transfer Timeline, Iui Success Stories, Fet Ivf, Ivf Timeline, Embryo Implantation, Sons

Will my embryo fall out after the embryo transfer ?

Dr.Malpani's Blog: Will my embryo fall out after the embryo transfer ?------Interesting...being that I have been on bed rest all day....

brainsandbodies: “ Brain development in the human embryo“The brain grows at an amazing rate during development. At times during brain development, neurons are added every minute! At birth,. Taking Pictures, Cool Pictures, Funny Pictures, Human Embryo, Scanning Electron Microscope, Microscopic Photography, Microscopic Images, Macro And Micro, A Child Is Born

A Swedish photographer spent 12 years - post

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Sufficient amount of amniotic fluid is essential for proper development of the organs and muscles of the baby. This article discusses the effects of scarcity of this fluid. Human Embryo, Amniotic Fluid, Zika Virus, Human Services, Moving Forward, Pcos, How To Plan, Second Trimester, Wedding Makeup

UK Granted Licence to Use Gene Editing The scientists in London granted permission to edit the genomes of human embryos for research. UK fertility regulators

Figure Superficial cleavage in a Drosophila embryo. Cell Forms, Cell Cycle, Biology, Anatomy, Ap Biology, Artistic Anatomy

Figure 9.1, [Superficial cleavage in a Drosophila...]. - Developmental Biology - NCBI Bookshelf

Superficial cleavage in a Drosophila embryo. The early divisions occur centrally. The numbers refer to the cell cycle. At the tenth cell cycle (512-nucleus stage 2 hours after fertilization), the pole cells form in the posterior, and the nuclei and their cytoplasmic islands (“energids”) migrate to the periphery of the cell. This creates the syncytial blastoderm. After cycle 13, the oocyte membranes ingress between the nuclei to form the cellular blastoderm. (Laser confocal images of stained…