"Dutch Mountain," Denieuwegeneratie

WOW, Car wall hanging together with wonderful STORAGE space! Dutch design studio, Denieuwegeneratie thought to convert a car into a tall bookshelf for the interior of their newly-built Dutch Mountain underground villa.

John Griffiths's Penguin Classified List from 1958

Penguin book covers, illustrated by John Griffiths – in pictures

15,000 books about Abraham Lincoln

Skyscraping Tower of Abraham Lincoln Books Placed in the lobby of Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership, the cylindrical structure stands three stories high at approximately 34 feet in.

Department of Urban Betterment

How New York Pay Phones Became Guerrilla Libraries


Club Chair Bookcase The bookcase chair was such an innovative concept and practical, who would not want one for your home. Bookcase Chair Concept Avid book readers have the ability to get drawn in to their favorite reads and have more productive sessions

"Blah blah blah book," Gogelmogel

Blah blah blah book by Aistė Papartytė in collaboration with Gogelmogel.

David Foster Wallace Writes to Don DeLillo

David Foster Wallace shares news of his progress, and excitement about DeLillo's Valparaiso Postcard from David Foster Wallace to Don .

"Every Person in New York"

Don DeLillo at the Museum of Modern Art February 2012 Two men installing a show at the Museum.