Activities for 1 year olds


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Oil and water in a snap lock bag

Great sensory idea plus science experience. Coloured water and baby oil added to zip lock bag. n extension on the zip lock paint bags.

baby treasure basket

Article about creating treasure baskets for young ones, like Montessori infant treasure baskets, using real objects and no plastic.

Made by Joel- Wood Burned Doll Blocks to spice up the kids' doll house.

I spy jars and picture cards

D for DINOSUARS activity: "I Spy" jars and picture cards. This could easily be adapted and built on as baby gets older.

heuristic play

Heuristic play meets aspects of all four goals of the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care

Stick figures as a first woodworking project

Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

The Imagination Tree: Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

Heuristic Play for toddlers

Heuristic Play Part II: We will look at how toddlers interact with and explore objects during heuristic play, and ways in which we can enrich these play opportunities for them, engaging their curiosity to enhance their cognitive development.

heuristic play

What are the best toys for babies? A treasure basket filled with interesting items from around the home can provide your baby with lots of shapes, textures and sizes to explore.

heuristic play

Heuristic play is rooted in young children’s natural curiosity.

rainbow stacking toy - N's birthday

This Large Rainbow Stacking is a very versatile toy. A single piece can also be used as a seesaw.